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Taken, if you do something with that info (probably not)

I mostly spend my days crying over The Last of Us and analyzing it to everyone who might listen to me even a little while. That game is lifestyle that is slowly but surely killing me inside. Oh well.

This is multifandom blog with my own pictures and things I personally find funny. There will be lots of TLOU, but not that much that I could say that this is dedicated to it. I also have separated blog for that game.

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bern throws bricks at you


if you think ignoring me will make me sad you are 100% correct

Two sides.

You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering.  Ernest Hemingway


I have created….. a monster.


I’ve wanted to draw Macy for a long time now, but it always seems that I have something else to work with : D But now I just started drawing and finished this in 3 hours! : D So here, have a sleepy mongrel called Macy = v =

fanfic about Macy, Ellie and Joel here

Tumblr blog for the fanfic and the mighty trio here

Macy © Jamppa & Berneri
rt © Jamppa as well

It’s funny how Joel doesn’t even need to touch his flashlight.

it just goes on telepathically.